Zoya Nazyalensky is an incredibly powerful Squaller and a great fighter. She also possesses an amplifier in the form of a heavy silver bracelet.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Zoya is described as a gorgeous girl with long, raven black hair and blue eyes. She is also portrayed as rude, narcissistic, and all around not a very pleasant person, although she becomes more of a friend to Alina. Like the other Grisha girls, she is infatuated with the Darkling. 

Shadow and BoneEdit

Zoya appears in the town Alina Starkov is at in The Darkling's entourage and shows interest in Malyen Oretsev when she sees him. Zoya seems to have some kind of vendetta against Alina ever since she was revealed to be a Sun Summoner, unable to stand the fact that she was no longer the Darkling's favorite. When she gets back to the Little Palace, she hugs Alina, then threatens her silently so nobody can hear but Alina. In the combat training classes, Botkin pairs the two in hopes that Zoya can train Alina. When Alina actually knocks her to the ground, Zoya's temper gets the best of her and she uses her power to slam Alina against a wall and break her ribs.

After some kind of scolding or punishment from the Darkling, Zoya does not bother Alina again, but it is clear that she still dislikes her.

Ruin and Rising Edit

Having survived the battle in Os Alta, she stays together with Alina and the other surviving Grisha at the White Cathedral until they escape. Together with the others she travels through Ravka until they find Nikolai and are brought to the Spinning Wheel. She survives the Darkling's attack on the Spinning Wheel and escapes together with Alina on board the Bittern. Together with Mal, Alina, Harshaw and Tolya, she searches for the Firebird near Dva Stolba. Together, with the other Summoners, she is a member of the vanguard attacking the Darkling's sandskiff.

She survives and later, Alina and Nikolai offer her to lead the Second Army together with David and Genya, as the leader of the Etheralki.

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by phantomrin


Marie and NadiaEdit

Marie and Nadia act as Zoya's friends, but badmouth her in her absence, calling her stuck-up. She is also close with a girl with chestnut hair.   

The DarklingEdit

Zoya was deeply infatuated by the Darkling, like most other Grisha girls. She instantly hates Alina for becoming the Darkling's favorite, and expresses her jealousy by cheating during a duel and injuring Alina. After an unknown punishment or scolding from the Darkling for her behavior, Zoya was seen leaving his office in tears, further revealing how much she respected and desired him.

Alina StarkovEdit

In Shadow and Bone, Zoya seems to hold a grudge toward Alina and hasn't missed a chance of mean behavior. After their combat, Zoya is punished and stops bothering Alina, but still heavily dislikes her.

While the story goes on, Zoya follows Alina and stays at her side. As she is one of very few Grisha standing behind Alina until the end, she proves loyalty and true friendship towards her. In the Epilogue, she gives Alina a blue kefta with the words You'll always be one of us after Alina loses her power.

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