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    We had the chance to chat in person with Leigh Bardugo, the author of the Shadow & Bone series and Six of Crows, which was JUST released a few weeks ago. Keep reading to get a little background on how Six of Crows came to be, a few details about the characters, and MORE!

    A special thank you to Leigh for chatting with us! ENJOY!

    The Grishaverse is expanding. It’s the next phase. We’re leaving Alina and The Darkling behind…?
    The events of Six of Crows happen two years after the events in the last chapter of Ruin and Rising, two years after the end of the Ravkan Civil War. Ravka is rebuilding, a certain somebody is on the throne. There are a lot of goodies built into Six of Crows for readers of the trilogy. You can read Six of Crows without having read the…

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