Tolya Yul-Bataar is a member of the Soldat Sol and the twin brother of Tamar Kir-Bataar. He is a Heartrender from Shu Han. Tolya was also a former member of Sturmhond's crew. Although he is a Grisha, he usually fights with weapons such as axes.

Appearance Edit

Like his twin sister, Tolya has dark hair and golden eyes. He is tall and very strong. Due to his Shu heritage, his eyes are slightly slanted.


Tolya's skill with weapons was matched only by his sister. As Botkin, trainer at the Little Palace said, he and his sister would never marry; their purpose was only to fight. Praised for his skill, size and talent, he was one of the best fighters there, and proved helpful in the war.

Siege and StormEdit

Ruin and RisingEdit


Alina StarkovEdit

Tolya is a good friend of Alina and helps her until the end to defeat the Darkling and destroy the Shadow Fold.

Memorable QuotesEdit



  1. Ebook version used as reference

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