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The Apparat
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Nation: Ravka
Occupation: Priest (in King's Service)

The Apparat is a priest living in the Little Palace. He calls himself a spiritual advisor, but The Darkling calls him a fraud/fanatic. 


As described in the novels, the Apparat is dressed in brown, ragged robes. He has dark eyes, almost black, a long, dark beard  and a mouth full of crowded yellow teeth with black, wolf like gums. 

Shadow and BoneEdit

The Apparat is a strange priest who appears to advise the King. He appears at court when Alina Starkov is asked to demonstrate her powers and again when Alina is studying in the library. He tells her to come to him whenever she needs help and then proceeds to give her a book called Istorii Sankt'ya (The Lives of Saints). He then tells Alina that she will experience more suffering in the future, but she cannot tell if it is a threat or not.

When Alina and Mal are caught, they learn that the King had fallen sick and the Apparat was ruling in his stead.

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