Ravkan is the language commonly used by the inhabitants of Ravka.

Known WordsEdit

Keramzin - A Ravkan city (CARE-ahm-tsin)

Ryevost - A Ravkan city near the river (RYEH-vohst)

Tsibeya - the wilderness near Ravka's border (tsi-BEH-yah)

Os Alta - the capital of Ravka (ohs-ALL-tah)

Istorii Sankt'ya - Book of Saints or Lives of the Saints (EES-tor-ee sankt-YAH)

Oprichniki - The Darkling's elite guards (oh-preach-nick)

Otkazat'sya - The Abandoned (oht-kah-ZAHTS-yah)

Moi Tsar/ Moya Tsaritsa - The title when addressing the king/queen (moy TSAHR, MOY-ah tsah-REE-tsah)

Moi Soverennyi - The title when addressing The Darkling (moy soh-veh-REN-yee)

Korol Rezni - King of Scars; Nikolai Lantsov's nickname after being transformed into something dark

Sol Koroleva - Alina's nickname

E'ya - I am


  • As revealed by Leigh Bardugo, Ravkan isn't Russian, but a completely new language - based on Russian and Mongolian. 

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