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Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Relatives: Adrik (brother)
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Nation: Ravka
Grisha Order: Etherealki
Grisha Type: Squaller

Nadia is a Squaller who resides at the Little Palace. She is friends with Marie and has a brother, Adrik.

Shadow and BoneEdit

Nadia befriends Alina after her arrival at the Little Palace, she and Marie quickly accepting her into their little group. Like Marie, Nadia dislikes Zoya, though she acts as though they were friends. 

Siege and StormEdit

Nadia is one of the few Grisha who decides to stay at the Little Palace after the Darkling's attempted coup and the growing tension between the First and Second Army. With Marie and Sergei now forming a couple, she is often left behind. 

When Alina evacuates the Grisha children from the Little Palace, Nadia petitions her to let her brother Adrik stay and fight despite his age. She and Adrik are among the few to survive the Darkling's attack on Os Alta and follow Alina to the White Cathedral.

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