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Matthias Helvar
Matthias Helvar
Biographical Information
Full name: Matthias Benedik Helvar
Age: 18
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Nina Zenik (girlfriend)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Nation: Fjerda
Occupation: Grisha Hunter (former)
Organizations: Drüskelle (former)

Matthias Helvar is a former Drüskelle from Fjerda. He was imprisoned in Hellgate on charges of being a slave trader until Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, and Nina Zenik rescued him in order to force him to join their quest to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur.


Matthias is described to be very muscular, tall, with the distinctive blonde hair and ice blue eyes of the Fjerdan people. Before he was thrown into Hellgate, Matthias had worn his hair long and had golden skin. However, due to his year in prison, Matthias is pale, his hair shorn, and he is covered in wounds and scars. His appearance was also changed before the Six Crows breached the Ice Court to avoid identification from the other Drüskelle; where his hair was tinted black and his eyes darkened temporarily by Nina Zenik's Tailor abilities.


Matthias was originally a prisoner at Hellgate, an inhumane penitentiary where he was thrown after Nina outed him as a slave trader. A year in confinement have made him cold, brutal, hateful and unforgiving, and his only will to continue living being his wish for revenge against the girl who betrayed him. Even after escaping, Matthias is angrier and colder than he was originally with Nina. Time spent with the Dregs has made him looser and more genuine, but he is still standoffish and hot-tempered, especially with those he doesn't know well. However, the soft spot he has always harboured for Nina grows throughout the duration of the Crows' journey to the point of affection.


Matthias was originally a Druskëlle of Fjerda, and the best in his ranks after being taken under the wing of Drüskelle commander, Jarl Brum. He hunted witches as the Drüskelle claimed their religion demanded it so, and was on the ship that Nina had been imprisoned on. He survived the shipwreck with Nina, and they traveled together until Nina got him put in Hellgate for being a slaver during their stay in Ketterdam.


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