Materialki symbol

Materialki or the Order of Fabrikators are Grisha whose power focuses on materials. This Order consists of Durasts and Alkemi.

In the Second Army they wear purple keftas.

Durasts Edit

Main article: Durasts

Durasts deal with solid: Grisha steel, corecloth, textiles and glass. Their colors are purple and gray.

Known Durasts Edit

Alkemi Edit

Main article: Alkemi

Alkemi specialize in poisons and blasting powders. They traditionally wear purple and red.

Known Alkemi Edit

  • Paja

Ravkan MaterialkiEdit

Ravkan Materialki are considered the least prestigious of the Grisha Orders, as they are not trained as soldiers in the Second Army. Though generally underappreciated, they do create many useful substances and chemicals that can be used by both human and Grisha alike.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Materialki comes from the latin word materia which means material, matter (both come from latin, too) or substance. This reflects that Materialki are working with substances and materials.

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