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Keramzin is the name of a small village in the south of Ravka. As well it is the name of the orphanage where Alina and Malyen grew up.

The orphanage at Keramzin was founded by Duke Keramsov, a celebrated war hero, who converted his estate into an orphanage for the orphans from the border wars after he returned from war.

Before the story Edit

Due to the story beginning one year after Malyen and Alina left Keramzin, all information about Keramzin are delivered by Alina's thoughts, the prologue or conversations between Malyen and Alina.

Alina remembers the time in Keramzin as hard and terrible. The children were poorly provided for and treated coldly and strictly by the teachers. The elder children weren't kept busy so they made pleasure out of beating and mistreating the younger children. The teachers didn't have any interest in promoting the strength of the children or making them happy, instead they spent the winter chattering and drinking Kvas.

Every year, three grisha came to Keramzin in order to examine, if one of the childen had grisha power.

Ana Kuya, the Duke's housekeeper is the only person from Keramzin being named. She is described as strict and severe, but is nevertheless a mother-like figure for Malyen and Alina and both confess to miss her.

Ruin and Rising Edit

After the younger grisha were evacuated from the Little Palace in Os Alta to Keramzin, Alina wants to convince Nikolai to bring them to the spinning wheel so they are safe from The Darkling. Before they can do so, the Darkling attacks Keramzin. He burns down the Orphanage and takes the pupils as hostages. The corpses of the three grisha teachers, of Botkin and of Ana Kuya are hanging at the oak tree in the garden.

After the story Edit

After Alina's pretended death, Alina and Malyen founded an orphanage on the ruins of the former orphanage at Keramzin. The new orphanage differs much from the old one: The children can decide on their own, if they want to stay at the orphanage or want to go to Os Alta, if their grisha power gets discovered, the children are allowed to play the piano in the music room, get enough to eat and get presents at St. Nicholas' Day.

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