A kefta is a robe that only Grisha wear. The color of a Grisha's kefta is determined by their Grisha order, and some are even made with Materialki corecloth which can withstand bullets. The embroidery color on the cuffs and hems signifies the Grisha type within the order. Some kefta are made of silk for summer use, and others are made of wool for winter use.

Kefta Colors

  • Black – Only The Darkling wears this color, though Alina Starkov wears a black kefta at the Winter Fete.
  • Gold – Alina Starkov wore this color while putting on the facade of a Sun Saint.
  • Blue – Etherealki
  • Red – Corporalki
  • Purple – Materialki
  • White, with gold cuffs – Servants and Tailors (Tailors, only under the Darkling's rule)

Cuff Colors

Etherealki (blue kefta)

Corporalki (red kefta)

Materialki (purple kefta)


  • Genya Safin wears a red kefta with blue cuffs. It is unknown if this is worn by all Tailors or specifically by Genya.