A kefta is a robe that only Grisha wear. A kefta's color is based on what class the Grisha is part of, and some are even made with Materialki corecloth which can withstand bullets. The embroidery on a kefta's cuff also signifies class. Some are made of silk for summer use, and others are made of wool for winter use.

Kefta Colors

  • Black - Only The Darkling wears this color, though Alina Starkov wears a black kefta at the party.
  • Blue - Etherealki
  • Red - Corporalki
  • Purple - Materialki
  • White, with gold cuffs - Servants

Cuff Colors

Etherealki (blue kefta)

  • Pale blue - Tidemakers
  • Red - Inferni
  • Silver - Squallers
  • Gold - Sun Summoner

Corporalki (red kefta)

  • Black - Heartrenders
  • Gray - Healers
  • Blue - Tailors

Materialki (purple kefta)

  • Gray - Durasts
  • Red - Alkemi

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