Kaz Brekker
Kaz brekker
Biographical Information
Full name: Kaz Rietveld
Alias: Kaz Brekker
Bastard of the Barrel
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Relatives: Jordie Rietveld† (older brother)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Thief
Leader of the Dregs
Organizations: The Dregs

Kaz Brekker is the current leader of the Dregs.


Kaz is mentioned to have pale skin and dark hair trimmed short on the sides. According to Inej, his eyes are the color of dark coffee. He is also described to have a sharp jawline and lean muscular build. He has two tattoos; one of the Dregs' crow and cup on his forearm and the other on his bicep of a black R.

Kaz wears simple, dark clothing that is tailored to fit him -- the clothing of a businessman. He remarked once to Inej that he wore business clothing so as to trick businessmen into thinking he was 'respectable'. He has a limp and carries a cane with a crow's head as a handle that he had created by a Fabrikator. He wears black leather gloves almost all of the time.


Kaz can be cold-hearted and ruthless at times. He will do almost any job if he so wishes, no matter how despicable or bloody it is, thus earning him the nickname 'Dirtyhands'. Kaz is manipulative and conniving, and makes sure to always be the person in control of the situation. For this reason, he's quick-witted and always has a trick up his sleeve. He despises skin contact, showing signs of being a haphephobic by always wearing gloves on his hands. Kaz rarely shows his emotions, and when he does, he has difficulty expressing them. Kaz also holds a penchant for wrath and revenge; as he always swears to avenge his deceased brother's death. He seems to have a soft side only when he is around Inej, and recently started to realize he has genuine feelings for her.


Kaz first came to Ketterdam with his brother Jordie Rietveld at the age of nine. They had sold their father's farm after he'd died, and used the money to start a new life in the city. The siblings, especially Jordie, were conned out of all their money by Pekka Rollins, who was going by the alias Jakob Hertzoon, and were left penniless. The pair were left on the streets in dire poverty.

Both Kaz and Jordie caught the plague when it swept through Ketterdam. Jordie died of the disease, and Kaz fell very ill as well. The siblings were presumed dead and their bodies were collected and brought out to sea but Kaz, barely alive, swam back to Ketterdam using his brother's body as a float. The experience was extremely traumatic for young Kaz and left him unable to bear contact with another person's skin and caused his voice to develop a rasp.

After his brother's death, Kaz vowed to make Pekka Rollins pay for conning him out of their money and bringing about Jordie's death. He changed his surname to Brekker to cut off ties to his past and joined up with The Dregs. Kaz started out as a simple grunt, but quickly rose up the ranks in the Dregs to become a lieutenant, feared by many for his precise ruthlessness. It was due to him that the Crow Club, one of the Dregs' main source of income, was reestablished and the formerly scant Fifth Harbour now flourished with business. The Dregs gained power and reputation mostly due to Kaz, and he is viewed by many as the true leader of the Dregs as opposed to Per Haskell.

Six of Crows Edit

Crooked Kingdom Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kaz has no Grisha power or magical abilities, but he is skilled at lock-picking, card tricks, and sleight of hand. These abilities are so complex that Matthias often calls him demjin or demon. He is privy to information of just about anyone and anything in the city, due to Inej's sleuth-like abilities and his considerable influence over Ketterdam.

His sleight of hand skills have been shown many times through the series. One case being when he took a gun from someone, took the bullets out without their knowing, and gave it back in a matter of seconds.

Health Edit

Kaz has a limp in his right leg, which he acquired after falling from a roof (thus breaking his leg), during a job. It never healed quite properly, thus the severity of his limp varies on a day-to-day basis.

Relationships Edit

Inej Ghafa Edit

"I will have you without armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all."


Inej and Kaz are extremely close and have fought side by side in the Dregs for over two years. Kaz originally rescued her from the severe treatment of Tante Heleen at the Menagerie and convinced her to become indentured with The Dregs instead. Inej is Kaz's second-in-command and the person he trusts the most in the world, enough to take his gloves off in front of her.

Kaz acknowledges his growing feelings for Inej, but tries to suppress them, viewing them as a weakness or a liability for both himself and Inej. Still, he makes a particular effort to prevent harm coming to her, and to do right by her, even if he believes she deserves better.

In the end, he shows her he has found her parents and brought them to Ketterdam. Beside herself with joy, Inej invites Kaz to come meet them with her.


  • Leigh Bardugo has stated that Kaz's bad leg is based off of her own osteonecrosis.
  • Brekker is similar to 'breker' which means breaker in Dutch (The language Kerch is based off of.)
  • Kaz got the idea for his last name off of a machine he saw.


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