Jarl Brum is the commander of the Drüskelle, the Fjerdan organization dedicated to hunting and eradicating Grisha. He was Matthias Helvar's mentor.


Brum earned a reputation among the Ravkan Second Army as a ruthless, innovative witch-hunter, having doubled the ranks of the drüskelle during his tenure and pursued Grisha not just in Ravka, but in other lands and on the sea as well.

Six of CrowsEdit

Nina Zenik recalls meeting Jarl Brum when she was captured on the Wandering Isle, but had assumed he had perished at sea while she and Matthias Helvar had survived. She is horrified to see her assumption was made in error when she finds herself face to face with Brum at the Ice Court during Kaz Brekker's mission to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur.