Jan Van Eck
Biographical Information
Full name: Jan Van Eck
Age: 40s
Status: Alive
Relatives: Wylan Van Eck (son)
Marya Hendriks (ex-wife)
Alys Van Eck (wife)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Nation: Kerch
Occupation: Mercher

Jan Van Eck is a rich mercher from Ketterdam and the father of Wylan Van Eck.


Van Eck is described as having a gaunt but handsome face, with a receding hairline. He is built leaner than his son Wylan, but there is a family resemblance.


Van Eck is first seen with Councilman Hoede testing Jurda Parem on their Grisha indentures: Yuri, a Fabrikator and Anya, a Healer. They confirm the drug's power but the test also results with Anya controlling the minds of all the guards and Hoede before escaping.

Kaz later meets Van Eck after he is brought to Councilman Hoede's house by Mikka, a Tidemaker indenture of Van Eck. Kaz was able to recognize him because of the symbols on his watch and tie pin. Van Eck explained what Jurda Parem was, and told the young thief that its creator, Bo Yul-Bayur, had been captured by Fjerdans and taken to the Ice court. The mercher feared that word of Parem would spread around the world so he hired Kaz to rescue the chemist for 30 million kruge.

Trivia Edit

  • Jan van Eck is an allusion to the Flemish Painter Jan van Eyck


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