David Kostyk
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Nation: Ravka
Grisha Order: Materialki
Grisha Type: Durast

David is a Durast and Genya's love interest.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

David is described as a pale, reed-thin teenager with long brown hair which falls into his eyes. He is a rather quiet Durast who enjoys using his Grisha talents of manipulating metal and doesn't seem to notice anything other than that. 

Shadow and BoneEdit

David first appears in Shadow and Bone when Genya takes Alina Starkov to the workshops to pick up her glass discs. He is either unaware of Genya's crush or uninterested because he never acknowledges her presence. David is a skilled Fabrikator and the Darkling uses him to create the collar for Alina out of the Morozova stag's antlers.

Later, it turns out that David feels bad about creating the collar, and Alina tells Genya to let him know she forgives him.

Siege and StormEdit

When Alina Starkov returns to the Little Palace, David mostly ignores her, as he feels guilty for making Morozova's Collar. Alina corners him in the workshops, and he tells her about his idea for the large dishes. David and Nikolai Lantsov work together on the dishes and the repair of the Hummingbird. Alina corners him again and asks about Morozova's journals. During the Darkling's attack, he attempts to use the remaining dish, but it didn't work. When the Darkling reveals Genya, David rushes over to her, and they go with the other Grisha to the White Cathedral.

Ruin and RisingEdit


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