Corporalki symbol

Corporalki or The Order of the Living and the Dead are Grisha whose power focuses on the human body. The Order is divided into 2 types: Heartrenders and Healers.

Heartrenders Edit

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Heartrenders are one of the most feared Grisha types. Their ability allows them to manipulate the body of another person to damage it.

Healers Edit

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Healers possess powers capable of healing wounds and injuries. 

Ravkan CorporalkiEdit

Corporalki in the Second Army are considered the most valuable soldiers, and consequently, usually are the highest ranking Grishas. Heartrenders and Healers spend the first 2 years learning together before their training splits

In the Second Army, they wear crimson keftas.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Corporalki comes from the latin word corpus, which means body.