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Bo Yul-Bayur
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Kuwei Yul-Bo (son)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Nation: Shu Han
Occupation: Chemist
Grisha Order: Materialki
Grisha Type: Alkemi

Bo Yul-Bayur was a Shu chemist who created Jurda Parem.


Bo Yul-Bayur accidentally created Jurda Parem while trying to create a drug that hid grisha powers for his son Kuwei, an Inferni. What he created instead changed how grisha powers worked. Fearing his government would use Parem for war, Bo Yul-Bayur sent samples to Kerch asking for refuge in the country.

Kerch accepted to shelter him but he died before he could get there when they were attacked by Drüskelle. Kuwei ended up being captured and taken to the Ice Court


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