Big Bolliger was a bouncer at the Crow Club until Kaz Brekker outed him as a spy for the Black Tips.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Described as tall enough to look Elzinger in the eye, Elzinger being a member of the Black Tips who stands nearly seven feet tall.

Six of CrowsEdit

Big Bolliger goes with Kaz to parley with Geels from the Black Tips, as one of two foot soldiers that customarily accompany a lieutenant at such a meeting. Jesper Fahey is the other soldier in attendance, while other members of the Dregs hang back outside the Exchange and Inej, commonly known as the Wraith, observes unseen from the rooftops.

During the parley, Kaz baits Geels into ordering Willem Holst, one of the unseen guards he has bribed, to fire on Kaz's contingent, and the shooter hits Bolliger in the gut. Geels looks worried, and with good reason – Geels had bribed Holst to shoot Kaz, not Bolliger. Kaz has just proven that Holst was really in Kaz's pocket, and Kaz admits that he threatened Holst with exposure of an indelicate vice, in order to outbid Geels' bribe.

Meanwhile, Jesper has crouched down to staunch the bleeding, but when Geels withdraws a gun – after Bolliger had searched him and declared him clear of weapons – he realizes the truth of Bolliger's treachery. Kaz goes on to explain that he knew about Bolliger working as an informant for the Black Tips, because he had noticed Bolliger, generally a lazy sort of person, regularly leaving early to get breakfast on the other side of the city.

Kaz blackmails Geels, and the parley ends without battle. Kaz pronounces that Big Bolliger must leave Ketterdam forever – if he doesn't bleed out first – and if he hears about Bolliger running with the Black Tips, he'll come after Geels. Inej's last sight of Bolliger is his attempt at dragging himself out of the Exchange, leaking blood.

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