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Biographical Information
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Ilya Morozova (father)
The Darkling (son)
Malyen Oretsev (distant relative)[1]
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Nation: Ravka
Grisha Order: Etherealki
Grisha Type: Summoner

Baghra is the elder daughter of Ilya Morozova. She is the mother of The Darkling. Like her son she is able to summon darkness and is a living amplifier.


Baghra was born as the elder daughter of Ilya Morozov, a famous and powerful Grisha who created the three amplifiers and worked as a carpenter in the local village. Since early childhood, Baghra had a unique power of summoning darkness, which led to her otkazats'ya mother thinking of her daughter as a monster and favoring her younger daughter. One day, Baghra in rage, had used the Cut on her sister, causing her to die.

Their father, Morozov, desperate to save his child, reanimated the child back to life, making her the third Morozova Amplifier. The villagers however took it as witchcraft and attempted to murder both Ilya and the girl brought back to life. The moment the two of them were being drowned by the people, was the last time Baghra had seen her father.

Many years later, Baghra and an unknown, however powerful Grisha had conceived a child, the later Aleksander Morozov, also known as the Darkling. For most of Aleksander's childhood, he and Baghra had been slaves and then refugees in different places throughout Ravka, Shu Han or even Fjerda.

Shadow and BoneEdit

Baghra is a tough teacher on Alina, but it turns out that she does so to protect her. After the winter fete, Alina learns that Baghra is actually the Darkling's mother, which is why the two are the only living amplifiers. Baghra reveals the Darkling's master plan, which involves binding Alina to him with the stag's antlers, and she convinces Alina to leave the palace.

When Alina is captured with Mal, she does not know what has happened to Baghra. It is said that she is in isolation, but she could potentially have been killed by the Darkling.

Siege and StormEdit

It is revealed the Darkling had Baghra's eyes plucked out as punishment for helping Alina escape. Baghra is angry with Alina, arguing that she was supposed to disappear in the wild and never come back, not seek the stag and get caught by the Darkling. Baghra claims that her son is now beyond redeptiom because of Alina's foolishness and refuses to speak to her.

Banghra aboards the Kingfisher with the royal family as Alina requested of Nikolai. She is taken to a safe place near the West of Ravka along with her servant boy Misha.

Ruin and Rising Edit

Alina is made aware that Bhagra is still alive and well and is under the care of Nikolai at The Monastery of Sankt Demyan, a pilgrimage site turned into an observatory a few hundred years ago, where the rest of the survivors are, including King and the Queen. She teaches Alina to use the Cut to slice off the top of a Mountain range and reaffirms Alina of her power. It is later revealed during her conversation with Alina that she was Morozova's first daughter and that she was never accepted due to the darkness she summoned, a rare and unidentified power. She tells Alina that she brought up her son, The Darkling, to believe he was second to no one and that he did not need anyone. She also realises that she made a mistake by doing so.

Baghra jumps off the side of the Mountain in an attempt to distract the Darkling who had attacked their hiding place. Due to her sacrifice, Alina, Mal and some others manage to escape to look for the Firebird.

It is not confirmed that she actually died by jumping off the cliff.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Shadow and BoneEdit

  • "He has served countless kings, faked countless deaths, bided his time, waiting for you. Once he takes control of the Fold, no one will be able to stand against him." ‒ p. 237
  • "But with the Fold in his power, he will spread destruction before him. He will lay waste to the world, and he will never have to kneel to another King again." ‒ p. 238
  • "Before he'd ever dreamed of a Second Army, before he gave up his name and became the Darkling, he was just a brilliant, talented boy. I gave him his ambition. I gave him his pride. When the time came, I should have been the one to stop him." She smiled then, a small smile of such aching sadness that it was hard to look at. "You think I don't love my son," she said. "But I do. It is because I love him that I will not let him put himself beyond redemption." ‒ p. 244
  • "Only the Volcra have kept the Darkling from using the Fold against his enemies. They are his punishment, a living testimony to his arrogance. But you will change all that. The monsters cannot abide sunlight. Once the Darkling has used your power to subdue the volcra, he will be able to enter the Fold safely. He will finally have what he wants. There will be no limit to his power." ‒ p. 238


  1. Mal is the descendant of Baghra's younger sister, thus being automatically related to her and the Darkling. (Ruin and Rising)

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