Alexander III
Biographical Information
Full name: Alexander Lantsov
Alias: Tsar (former)
Age: 40's-60's
Status: Alive
Relatives: Vasily Lantsov (first son)
Nikolai Lantsov (second son)
Queen of Ravka (wife)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond-Grey
Eye color: Blue
Nation: Ravka

Alexander III was a former King of Ravka. He is followed by his second son Nikolai, the current king of Ravka. 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The king is described as a middle aged man with a nose with broken blood vessels, watery blue eyes and a chinless face. He is often insulted by his court members, since he is naive and easy to manipulate with. 

Shadow and BoneEdit

Alina Starkov, a newly discovered Sun Summoner, is taken to the Grand Palace to be presented to the king. She hears rumors that Genya, the Royal Tailor, services not only the queen, but the king as well. 

Ruin and Rising Edit

King and Queen both survive the battle at Os Alta and escape with help of their second son, Nikolai. When Alina and her grisha arrive the spinning wheel, Alina and her friends try to wrap Genya's identity up in secrecy, knowing that the King wants revenge for Genya's attempt to poison him. But Sergei mentions Genya's real name and it comes to an open confrontation between Genya, Alina, Nikolai and the King. The King wants Genya to be beheaded for high treason and murder while it becomes clear that he raped her. Genya confesses, that she poisened her skin so the king would consume it when he kisses and touches her. During the confrontation the King loses his composure and calls Alina a witch, Genya a whore and Nikolai a bastard. Deeply shocked, Nikolai ends up by forcing his parents to abdicate and go into exile to the southern colonies, threatening with an indictment of rape.

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